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Signs Your Walk-In Freezer Needs Repair

If you run a restaurant, you likely rely on a walk-in freezer to keep certain items nice and cold. When the freezer breaks, you may end up having to throw away a lot of perfectly good food. Pay attention to these signs your freezer is about to fail.

Differing Temperatures

When you set your freezer’s temperature, it should maintain a consistent level. When it breaks, the temperature is going to vary. If the coldness of your freezer differs from one day to the next and you have not changed it, then there could be an issue with the sensor.

Water and Frost Buildup

Your freezer needs to be cold, but if frost or ice is building up, then something has gone wrong. Your freezer is not cooling down the correct way. This is also true for water that appears unexpectedly on the floor. There might be a leak somewhere in your cooler.

Strange Smells

Unpleasant odors emitted from your freezer are often a result of coolant leaking. Leaks are typically a sign that a freezer has gotten too old, so it may be time to upgrade.
Have routine maintenance done on your freezer from time to time to ensure every component is working optimally. Call Eagle Refrigeration & Mechanical, LLC as soon as your freezer is in need of repairs.