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Importance of Ice Machine Maintenance

With summer just around the corner, your ice machine is about to start working at maximum capacity again. With that in mind, it’s also time to make sure that your ice machine is cleaned, maintained and ready for frequent use. Did you know that contaminated ice is a health issue that is included on sanitation reports by the Health Department? Ice machines are usually the least cared for food machines in a commercial setting. Here are some of the main reasons why it’s important to perform frequent maintenance on your commercial ice machine.

Ice Machines are Considered Food Equipment

Since people consume ice in their food, ice machines are considered food equipment. As such, they require the same sanitation standards as any other food equipment. You can reduce ice contamination and foodborne disease by frequently cleaning machines to manufacturer standards. Most of the time, this equates to 2 to 4 cleanings a year. If you use the machine quite often, you may want to clean it even more regularly than that.

Bacteria Can Grow in Ice Machines

In order to avoid bacterial diseases, ice should be stored and handled like food. Also, if your commercial ice machine lacks a good water filtration system, you could see microbial growth and slime-forming bacteria. Last of all, if your ice machine is near a cooking line or in a restaurant, you are even more vulnerable to bacterial growth and you should consider more frequent cleanings.
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