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Ease the Summertime Burden on Your AC by Running Your Ceiling Fans

As you bask in the gloriously cool environs of your home or business, your air conditioning system is likely working overtime to make your surroundings comfortable. The intense heat and humidity that's often a part of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, summertime experience create a hefty workload for your air conditioner, which could add extra wear and tear on your system's various components.
Not only that, a hardworking AC unit can also consume more electricity than expected, leading to higher utility bills. To keep this from happening, you can put your ceiling fans to good use.
Running your ceiling fans in a counter-clockwise direction can help tremendously when it comes to reducing your air conditioning burden. The downward draft generated by your ceiling fan prevents cool air from rising, resulting in fewer natural losses of conditioned air. The air movement also creates a wind chill effect that leaves you feeling cooler without actually reducing thermostat temperatures.
By using your ceiling fans, you can raise your thermostat temperatures several degrees without experiencing any noticeable loss in cooling comfort. This can help you ease the strain on your AC system while saving money in the process.
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